We are a small family run company, based in Lyon, France.

H is for growing ideas

Our two girls are homeschooled and they use notebooks every day to write, draw, make lists and create. So we made the perfect notebook, tailored to their needs. That's how H was born.

We started with the « write & draw notebook », an indispensable tool for everyday. It has lot of room for drawing and writing on each page. Our girls have been highly involved in the process, and they love the result!

Our notebooks are perfect for science projects, nature study, poetry, stories, art projects,… The possibilities are endless!  

Children love to look back on their drawings and notes. It’s a wonderful way to be aware of the path they took, to see their progression and to be proud of their work. It’s a wonderful way to remember and learn again. 

Their notebooks will become unique and precious with all the ideas children will bring to life with them. They will grow with them.

What matters to us

We have the strong desire to give our children a quality education, but also to preserve their innate creativity, their freedom to learn and their ability to wonder. We want to help them flourish in whatever they have been gifted for.

We deeply know that children are able to learn as they breath, easily and naturally. Their curiosity is priceless and they strongly want to learn all about the world around them.

If adults provide opportunity to explore and experiment what truly thrills them, children will build a powerful character and willingness.

H wants to provide the tools that will assist childhood in all his beauty.