Cahiers H1

The Cahier H1


The “Cahier H1“ is our first notebook!
It is especially designed for the early writers, with larges lines and grey highlights to guide writing.

When Emy begun to write, she wasn’t fully into it. She didn’t want to train herself.
For me it was new, because for now on my little girl had always been very persevering.
I searched for new ideas to facilitate her work, and most of all, to give her the willing to write.
I printed some pages with larges lines and grey bands to trace the letters in. These sort of lines are used in the Montessori pedagogy to accompany children’s progression.
This pages helped Emy a lot to gain confidence in herself and improver her writing.

Seeing her enthusiastic work, I made her some notebooks with these specials lines and a blank space, so she could illustrate her words. Again, it was successful! This is how our first notebook was born!
I made some new versions. The girls used them in various interesting ways, so we decided to produce those specials notebooks for the benefit of other children, under the name of H.

Emy loves her new notebooks and she wants to have a one for each subject she studies! She begun one about birds. She’s passionate by birds since she’s a toddler.
When she works, she looks for a bird in a book, I read her the text, we observe the images together, we chat, and she draws the bird in her notebook. If she needs help, I give her just a little, by tracing lightly the bird’s outline. Then she does the rest alone. She chooses her technique, more often watercolor or colored pencils.

When her drawing is done, we read again the text about the bird she chose. We can look at a short video to hear it sing. Then I write on a paper the words she dictates me. These are her words, it’s what she remembers. It could be a description, sometime an anecdote… it’s her text, I do not transform it, I do not point to something else. When it’s ok for her, she copy this text on her notebook, under the drawing.

Emy prefers to do like this. When she will grow up, she will write it by herself, like Liv does.
Liv writes a draft of her text, she asks me to correct the mistakes and then she rewrites it on her notebook.I think it is a good way to proceed. The notebooks, that will be read back many times by the child, do not contain mistakes. They are corrected right away so that they are not memorized.

Children like to read back at their notebooks and see all the work accomplished until now. They dive back into the subject, they remember their work and learn again. It’s the reason why it’s important to have a notebook without mistakes.

Of course there are also the free writings that Emy does, or the little papers she write for me, with her own words and writing, that I keep preciously. But that’s an other story!

The child can choose to use his notebook to study a specific subject (like birds).
He can also use it as a journal to tell, with text and image, something special about his day: a person he met, a subject he explored, a discovery, a place his has gone to, a moment of the day he remember…
The Cahier H1 can also be a story book. At the beginning, the stories are very simple, just with a few words, and by the time the child is getting older, the ideas are growing and expanding. It is a beautiful work to initiate, even with a young child.

Our Cahier H1 are perfect for these different works and a lot of more. They can bring a child to express himself by words and images.